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SCADA Security

Enables isolating SCADA/ICS networks from a sensor or IT networks.
-    Enables one-way data transmission of sensor data in the field and the operational environment from RTU/MTUs to SCADA/ICS system.
-    Allows one-way mapping of your SCADA/ECS system that manages your operational/industrial environment to your general purpose network.
-    While allowing the SCADA/ICS system to send data to the IT network, it eliminates the threats that may occur to your SCADA/ICS system from the IT network.
-    Enables your SCADA/ICS systems to be operated separately and isolated from each other for control and monitoring purposes.

How does it work?


It receives data from SCADA/ICS systems or sensor networks and transmits it unidirectionally.


It does not allow reverse transmission between networks, keeping your industrial environment isolated from cyber attacks and accidents.


SCADA/ICS systems can safely send data to your ERP/MRP software.

How does it work?
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