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Secure Data Sharing with 3rd Parties

It allows you to establish a fully secure buffer zone to securely share data with external institutions or individuals.
-    There is no need to include third parties to your network with whom you share or receive data.
-    It provides physical isolation between your corporate network and secure buffer zones where you share or receive data.
-    It eliminates the risks that may arise from software or configuration errors of firewall and similar solutions.
-    You can both share the necessary data and eliminate the effects of your stakeholders' security risks on you.

How does it work?


It receives data from your corporate network unidirectionally and transfers it to the network that your third parties/stakeholders are connected to via VPN.


While stakeholders can retrieve data from the buffer zone, they pose no threat to your corporate network thanks to physical isolation.


It eliminates security risks by enabling controlled data sharing.

How does it work?
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