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Water Management

It helps water management systems to work in a harmonious and efficient way with the developing technology.
Water utilities use industrial automation and management systems to improve the efficiency of treatment plant operations and the city water network. Technology that provides real-time traceability is utilized in water management facility operations for critical tasks such as the perpetual holding of raw water, eliminating harmful substances and maintaining a clean water supply, and treating wastewater. This makes water management systems vulnerable to threats. We ensure that you get maximum efficiency from technology and digitalization with security solutions specific to water management systems that eliminate threats.

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What do you get?

Works in integration with SIEM/SOAR/SOC systems.

Prevents the establishment of a query-response relationship.

Keep the monitoring units and your operational network isolated from each other while allowing SOC units or external service points to view the records you specify.

While it allows the SCADA/ICS system to send data to the IT network, it prevents eventual threats that may come from the IT network to the SCADA system.

What do you get
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