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It ensures the safety of both the institution and the consumer by protecting the digitalized financial and banking institutions.
With digitalization, the financial and banking sector is also becoming more data-based, and the working system is being moved to cyberspace day by day. As a result of the increasing demand for individuals to perform banking transactions via the Internet, digital services are increasing rapidly, and both institutions and individuals may be harmed as a result of a cyber-attack that may occur. In order to eliminate this double-sided damage, we offer special solutions to institutions in the financial sector and allow them to use systems compatible with developing technology with the highest efficiency.

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What do you get?

Enables you to share the required data and eliminate the effects of stakeholders' security risks on you.

Provides real-time and lossless data transfer.

Securely transfers database records one-way.

Provides full protection by physical isolation.

Maximizes security by providing full control over data flow.

What do you get
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