Isolate, Inspect, No-Back
Next Generation Cross Domain Solution
Next Generation Cross Domain Security Solution
DataFlowX is next generation and easy to deploy cross-domain security gateway solution. By physically cutting and letting only one-way-in or one-way-out data transmission, your critical and classified networks will be 100% percent secure starting from physical layer. Your classified network will remain sealed and still get the data required to work continuously 

How We Protect?
Attacks area going insanely complex and almost impossible to detect and defend. In the wild world with real attackers, it’s not an option but a necessity to physically isolate networks. 

DataFlowX help you to isolate IT/OT networks and still keep running with the information flow with the next-generation capabilities. 

DataFlowX isolates your networks, inspects your data, never lets any traffic back.

Easy To Use, Adaptable, Flexible 
  • Securely isolate classified and untrusted networks
  • Get information flow from untrusted 3rd parties
  • Keep your digital workspace up-to-date
  • Cooperate with other government agencies in a safe zone

  • Securely isolate ICS/SCADA and enterprise networks
  • Keep information flow from your ICS/SCADA to enterprise network
  • Monitor your SCADA environment 7/24
  • Let nothing to pass to the critical network zone

  • Securely isolate your master systems and 3rd party integration services
  • Keep providing data to the outsiders continuously in a physically separated buffer zone.
  • Let no one access to your core systems

Connectivity is so fashionable but still you need to separate your networks.

You need to monitor all the system not only onsite but also from different sites and even get the information for resource/production/distribution planning.

DataFlowX lets your monitoring data to be transmitted securely and 100% guarantees no traffic will pass to the secure zone.  
Attaks getting complex and using 3rd party trust relations between enterprises. B2B applications, web services, API gateways even if they are secured by VPN are still vulnerable to the unknown attackers which already have breached to the other part you provide connectivity.

DataFlowX gets and fetches data from your API interfaces and builds a physically isolated buffer zone for the 3rd parties and provides the same service you were providing before. 

DataFlowX 100% guarantees no other parties can touch to your master systems.

DataFlowX is not an only protocol-based or file-based one way transmission gateway. DataFlowX engines fetchs any data from sources and lets you to work -even modify- the data and dynamically tag it for any action you would like to take such as quarantine, pass, slow-pass, increase or decrease priority or modify-and-pass.

Supporting both enterprise IT services such as e-mail, CIFS, NFS, HTTP/S protocols, DataFlowX also supports data delivery for/from OT networks and supports to work in integration with ICS/SCADA softwares.

• E-mail services support including Microsoft Exchange and generic POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols.
• LDAP and ActiveDirectory support for user authentication.
• CIFS, NFS and FTP support for file transfers.
• Cloud storage support for one-way synchronization of cloud drivers to the secure networks.
• File type, meta-data and content inspection for one-way delivery.
• XML, JSON and YAML structure verification.
• Dynamic Web API feature for fetching frequently request data via HTTP/S 
• Transfer prioritization based on user, file extension and file type. 
• Dynamic file tagging with scripting interface.
• Ready-to-use Anti Virus and up to six different Anti Virus engine support. 
• Complex rules to quarantine files regarding to AV result, HASH list, file type, meta-data and content.
• End-to-end PKI encrypted transmission.
• NFS and FTP support for file transfers.
• Cloud file driver support for one-way synchronization of cloud storages to the secure networks.
• File-type, Meta-data and content inspection for one-way delivery   
DataFlowX Brochure
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