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It prevents cyber attacks on light rail systems, makes transportation always safe.
Signaling systems provide communication and information systems related to the transportation operation, thus making it possible to control the movements of trains in the safest and most effective way. Signaling systems, which are critical components in railways and light rail systems, become vulnerable to attacks as a result of integrating with digital networks. With the solutions and services, we offer, we prevent security attacks, ensure the highest level of security in railways, and help provide new digital services.

What do you get?

Enables SCADA/ICS systems to be operated separately and isolated from each other for control and monitoring purposes

Necessary data sharing is made while your stakeholders' security risks' effects on you are eliminated.

Works in integration with SIEM/SOAR/SOC systems

Prevents databases in closed networks from being affected by risks such as zero-day vulnerabilities.

What do you get
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