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Security and Intelligence

We are making the information flow efficient with the solutions we have developed for security and intelligence agencies with sensitive information.
Security and intelligence agencies are tasked with protecting sensitive information for public safety, private and confidential information related to the performance of missions in the interest of the nation. In addition, it uses simultaneous technology in its activities and manages data flow from a wide variety of sources. During this communication, we develop specific solutions to the field of security and intelligence to protect data and ensure security.

What do you get?

Maximizes security by providing full control over data flow.

Keeps log records of your systems located on different networks in one place.

It prevents the database in your closed network from being affected by risks such as zero-day vulnerabilities.

Provides real-time and lossless data transfer.

Offers the ability to block, allow and even prioritize data flow.

DataFlowX exports the data you want to make accessible on open networks with one-way replication thanks to its hardware infrastructure.

Transfers camera images or video streams between networks securely and unidirectionally.

What do you get
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