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How does DataBrokerX work?

DataBrokerX is an innovative and unique solution that enables you to make HTTP/HTTPS queries with diode security between networks with different security levels.

DataBrokerX, which has DFX diode cards on it and is connected to the diodes in one direction, consists of two separate components. Server module (SM) and client module (CM) perform one-way and independent (asynchronous) data transmissions between networks via diodes between them, allowing you to securely make queries and receive responses.

It offers a secure infrastructure in which data transmission between components is ensured with public-switched infrastructure, data integrity is protected, and end-to-end verification is carried out. DataBrokerX completely cuts off TCP/IP communication between your networks, and transmits only the queries you want to the service you define, with its own transmission protocol and data format. DBX creates a protected environment against both attacks against itself and attacks on data transfer in between.

Enhanced Security Features of DataFlowX

Makes the data diode security applicable for even the query-response needs.

Mediates your requests across networks with its unique protocol.

Enables to get from open source web services with HTTP and HTTPS.

Provides secure cross-domain access via data diodes.

The degree of secrecy still maintains the isolation of the different networks.

Guarantees that no communication is provided to your protected assets.

How does it work?
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