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It prevents the threats that may occur with the increasing use of technology in production systems.
The use of automation technologies in production is gradually increasing and production is now carried out with fully automatic systems. Although the understanding of production that develops with technology in order to keep up with the competitive conditions and quality requirements brings many advantages, it can remain unprotected against security vulnerabilities and an open structure may emerge against threats. In order to prevent any disruption that may occur in production due to security vulnerabilities, we produce special solutions for production facilities and prevent risks.

What do you get?

While it allows the SCADA/ICS system to send data to the IT network, it prevents eventual threats that may come from the IT network to the SCADA system.

Provides absolute protection of operations against attacks and manipulations.

Provides real-time access to operational data for the isolated network, while protecting it from threats originating from open networks.

With one-way transmission, it provides secure visibility into critical networks.

Enables isolating SCADA/ICS networks from a sensor or IT networks.

Enables your SCADA/ICS systems to be operated separately and isolated from each other for control and monitoring purposes.

What do you get
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